Wedding Catering Services in Cuttack

Indian wedding ceremonies are complex as they include several events such as Mehendi ceremony and Wedding reception. The glory of your big day will be remembered when the heavenly chefs will cook special dishes for your guests. Yes, Maa Ki Pyar will make your wedding day indelible with our exceptional wedding catering services in Cuttack. Whether you want a traditional or royal catering service, we can bring you the state of the art wedding catering facilities at budget-friendly rates.

As our name suggests, we prepare special cuisines that remind you of the sweetness of your home. We have a team of experienced staff and handpicked chefs who will leave no effort to make your guests remember your special day forever. When we prepare food, we emphasize on the hygiene of the culinary equipment and quality of the ingredients. Therefore we eradicate the biggest concern of health with our exceptional catering services.

Our chefs can prepare a variety of delicious cousins that includes traditional cuisines, Royal cuisine, Chinese and contemporary cuisines. We take care of the specific needs of your guests such as special preferences like vegetarian dishes, special beverages, etc. You do not need to worry about food and beverages, once you hire us on your wedding day.

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