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Corporate Events

Board room meetings, directors dining, product launches

The Corporate world is agile, smart and luxurious. Therefore someone needs to have a lot of sensibilities to become a part of any corporate world. There are parties, seminars, and events organized in corporate houses. When it comes to catering services, it becomes a challenging task, especially in the corporate sector.

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Birthday Catering

Birthday events are viewed as the most significant days of our lives. Everyone loves to commend birthday occasions with a lot of fun and euphoria. The inflatable’s, cakes, blossoms, and astounding dishes are the chief highlights of a birthday celebration.

Food is something that brings all charm to the birthday event. 

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Wedding Catering

Bespoke menu planning, wedding coordination and management.

Finding the right wedding caterer is of the utmost importance when organizing an wedding. It is true to say that no Oriya Wedding is complete without good food. Food can actually make or break a wedding/marriage. If your guests are enjoying the food & atmosphere they will enjoy the event and this is the aspiration of every bride and groom. The fact is, the wedding catering is the one thing your guests are sure to comment on.

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Thread Ceremony

In Hinduism, the thread ceremony or Upanayanam has a great significance. In Hindu Traditions, a person is born twice. The second birth or intellectual birth is marked by a ceremony called Upanayanam. During this ceremony, a sacred thread is given to him who is born by his teacher. There are some cases in Hinduism including the Brahmins who follow this tradition.

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